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Title Year Artist Image Notes
At the Moulin Rouge 1892-1895 Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec Wikimedia Commons
Historical Photo 1906


Gamblers enjoying a game at the Faro table at the White Elephant Saloon in Bingham, Utah, 1906. The chair at the center looks like a Thonet No. 19 with a simple inner loop.

A Wild Bunch of drinkers The Daily Mail

Interior with Thonet Chair ca 1908 Sándor Galimberti

Wikimedia Commons

Interior with a Violin Case (Detail) 1918-1919 Henri Matisse

Matisse included Thonet chairs in other paintings as well, for example, Woman with Umbrella 1919-1920 and Les Persiennes 1919.

This is a Thonet No. 20.

Man Test Laboratory 1919 National Archives and Records Administration

Soldiers testing gas masks at the American University Experiment Station.

The chairs are Thonet No. 18 with the old-style circular leg brace.

Public domain photo from the National Archives and Records Administration. Cropped to highlight Thonet Chairs

Paris Café 1921 Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Thonet No. 56 with later curved braces

French chef Auguste Escoffier, seen here at a cafe in 1921, helped to found the Ritz Hotel, where Ernest Hemingway was a longtime regular.

The Blue Lotus 1934-1935 Hergé
(Georges Remi)


Early in The Blue Lotus, in the Occidental Private Club, Thonet S 533 small armchairs, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for Thonet in1927.

Later, in a hospital, Thomson is sitting on a Thonet No. 14, the classic Vienna café chair.
Tintin and the Picaros 1976 Hergé
(Georges Remi)

The coatstand Hergé illustrated on page 18 of Tintin and the Picaros is very similar to a Thonet Kleiderstock No. 4 and the Café Daum Kleiderstock. It’s a bit odd in the setting, a modern hotel room with modern furniture.

On page 58, two empty Thonet No. 18 chairs are shown, recently occupied by Thompson and Thomson.

Femme Dans Un Rocking-Chair 1956 Pablo Picasso

Picasso painted several variations, all based on his own Thonet rocking chair.

Bentwood Rocking Chairs includes images of another Picasso painting and a photo of Picasso in his Thonet Rocking chair. The page also includes several Thonet rocking chairs in other paintings.

Thonet Chair and Carpet 1991 Avigdor Arikha

Thonet Chair and Carpet, by Avigdor Arikha, 1991

This is a Thonet No. 4, designed by Michael Thonet in 1849 for Café Daum in Vienna.

From Wikiart

Summer Ending 2010 Raimonda Jatkeviciute Kasparaviciene

This Lithuanian painter has done several paintings featuring Thonet chairs. This one is a Thonet No. 14.

See more on Fine Art America.

Taming Trump 2016

Barry Blitt


A Thonet No. 18 wielded by Kellyanne Conway

Illustration by Barry Blitt for:
Taming Trump
By Ryan Lizza
The New Yorker
10/17/2016 issue


The illustration appears to be inspired by one or more of the many photos of Clyde Beatty taming lions. Most photos show him using a Thonet No. 18 (with the older circular leg brace).

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